Chestnut Laundromat
601 E Chestnut Avenue
Vineland, NJ 08360
United States of America

Loads of Love is a way of caring for people who are struggling financially by assisting them in laundering their own clothes. Loads of Love serves people that are in financial hardship and meet the definition of someone who is food insecure.

Why we help! People in need of assistance are informed of monthly opportunities to launder their clothes free of charge at designated Millville laundromats on specific dates. Upon arriving at the laundromat, they are met by caring Rotarian volunteers that provide the quarters and laundry detergent needed to launder their clothes.

How we help! Too often individuals find themselves in immediate need of resources and support to meet their basic care needs. Our genuine concern for the poor and disadvantaged that focuses on basic care needs and the potential means to sustain them is our goal.

This service is intended for people experiencing financial hardship and is not available to the public at large. This service provides a maximum of 2 washer loads per person and includes dryer sheets, laundry soap and quarters for the machines.